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22nd January 2019

NSM Inclusive Sports Coach

Last Thursday (17th January 2019) was Suzy's last coaching session. She has been with North Somerset Mencap for over 6 years. Her enthusiasm and smile will be missed by all the members who attend the sports club. Suzy has done an excellant job and built up a rapport with members, their families, key workers and the volunteers who all come to sports, join in, have fun and exercise !

Thank you Suzy for your commitment to North Somerset Mencap and we wish you well for the future.

NSM welcome Suzy's replacement, Luke Ridge, who some may know as Head Coach with AIDE Sport.

A little information about AIDE Sport :-

Within the session format various games and activities take place; some will become familiar and safe to participants, However some Activities & Games will be modified to create diversity in the approach we take.

Coordination, Communication, Teamwork & Problem Solving are just a few examples of session objectives that create the best environment for not only fun but progression of all the participants.

Warm up games and activities provide familiarillity to attending participants, whereas the core of the sessions will have more diversity across a weekly basis (not so much as to create unfamiliarity though) with one week games involving cones & bibs , the next could follow with different types of games involving balls ( these trends follow a pattern to a certain extent, but allow for mico variations across the weeks).

So if its coordination from playing different ball games, reaction games involving cones or classic style playground games involving different types of communication we aim to target fundamental social, physical and emotional skills in the most enjoyable way possible for all involved.